Mono culture attitudes

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Etymology. Gernreich may have chosen his use of the word monokini (mono meaning single) in the mistaken belief that bikini was a compound of bi- ("bi" meaning two) and that is a faulty back-formation, decomposing the word as the Latin prefix bi- and kini, denoting a two-piece swimsuit.

But in fact the bikini swimsuit design was named by its inventor Louis Réard after the Bikini. Mono-culture Attitudes The issues explored in “The Mirror of the Other” and “America: The Multinational Society” point out problems I society that are compounded by the “mono-cultural” attitudes that Reed and Fuentes tell us to try and avoid.

4 Beliefs and Attitudes toward Gender, Sexuality and Traditions amongst Namibian Youth This being said, Talavera’s () research sheds light on past and current sexual beliefs and behaviour amongst a few of the different ethnic groups.

What is a mono- cultural society? Most experts agree that the essential traits of a mono-cultural society are a common heritage, belief structure, language and usually a mono-racial identity.

Since we live in a more globalized World, many of our societies are essentially multi-cultural. Pedestal table used to bear the ancient times it was made of clay, but later it came to be made of wood and lacquered.

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Mono culture attitudes
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