R v keegstra in support

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*Chief Justice at the time of hearing. R. v. Keegstra, [] 3 S.C.R. Her Majesty The Queen Appellant v. James Keegstra Respondent and The Attorney General of Canada, the Attorney General for Ontario.

Issue Edit. When must the defence of necessity be charged to a jury?

A Defence of Hate Speech Laws in Canada – Michael Scott

Decision Edit. Conviction and prison sentence upheld Reason Edit.

Charter Freedoms and Government Duties around Street Preaching: An (Overly?) Expansive View

The court states that the defence of necessity does not apply here because there was no air of reality in respect to any of the three necessary elements for necessity. This appeal is not about the dissemination of hate, which was the focus of this Court's decision in R. v. Keegstra, [] 3 S.C.R.and the reasons of my colleagues Cory and Iacobucci JJ.


R. v. Boyd, 2013 BCCA 19

In Keegstra, this Court ruled that the provisions of the Criminal Code which prohibit the dissemination of hate violated the guarantee of freedom.

R v Keegstra, [] 3 S.C.R. is a landmark freedom of expression decision of the Supreme Court of Canada the court upheld the Criminal Code of Canada provision prohibiting the willful promotion of hatred against an identifiable group.

R v keegstra in support
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